ESOMAR: Training in Forschungsmethoden

Workshop zur Moderation von Qualitativen Online Studien 2009-2011

Workshop-Event im Konferenzprogramm in Marrakesch, Athen, Barcelona und Wien

Präsentation auf dem Nationalem ESOMAR Event in Bukarest 2012

Workshop in Ho Chi Ming Stadt zu Trends in qualitativer Forschung 2013

Weiterzulesen auf ESOMAR (European Sociaty of Market Research) – dort sind Details zu den Inhalten und dem Aufbau der Workshops zu finden (oder dem nachstehenden Auszug der ESOMAR-Website folgen)

Copy from the ESOMAR Website:

Moderating Online Immersive Qualitative Research
Ethnographic inspired online approaches

Workshop overview

While early online qualitative research focused on replicating focus groups, new ethnographic inspired approaches to online qualitative research
are proving to be a powerful tool for capturing and understanding people’s experiences, context, emotions and behaviors.

Effectively executing in-depth immersive online qualitative studies requires adapting old and adding new skills for qualitative researchers.
In this workshop, attendees will learn how to design, set up and moderate activity based (hybrid) research projects.

The workshop is divided into a theoretical (morning) and a practical part (afternoon).

The theoretical part will introduce and explain the concept of (online) research activities, the advantages of hybrid research
design and provide background on online communication skills. In the hands-on part, participants will learn how to design / programme
research activities and how to execute online immersive research studies, virtual home-visits or semi-permanent communities.

Familiarity with the various methods of doing qualitative online research is strongly recommended.

This workshop will provide a combination of conceptual learning and hands-on experience that will enable participants
to extended the speed, reach and richness of their research and immediately add new and compelling offerings to their research practice.

This workshop will cover the following topics:

  • An overview of different types of studies and compelling case studies
  • Quality criteria of online qualitative research
  • Design of hybrid research designs by research activities
  • Create activities to capture people’s behaviors and emotions
  • Meaningful use of multimedia stimuli for projective techniques
  • Recruitment and incentive strategy
  • Moderating strategies for an online research project



Some of the feedback received from past participants:

“Both theory and practical hands-on approach.”

“Clear program, logical steps.”

“Very inspiring.”

Workshop leader

Nicole Reinhold and Steve August







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